The College Senior Survey (CSS) is designed as an exit survey for graduating seniors. The CSS focuses on a broad range of college outcomes and post‐college goals and plans including:

  • academic achievement and engagement
  • student‐faculty interaction
  • cognitive and affective development
  • student goals and values
  • satisfaction with the college experience
  • degree aspirations and career plans
  • post‐college plans

Schools participating in the CSS receive an institutional profile, which includes your institutional results broken out by sex, full and part‐time status, comparisons with other similar institutions, significance testing, effect sizes, CIRP Constructs and Theme reports, and a data file of your student responses. Schools using the CSS as a post‐test to the CIRP Freshman Survey, YFCY, or DLE will also receive a Longitudinal Profile, which can be used to assess growth and change over time.