Congratulations Southern Nazarene University Symposium Winners!

Congratulations Southern Nazarene University Symposium Winners!

     The office of Academic Affairs and Southern Nazarene University (SNU) Honors would like to congratulate the winners of the third annual Undergraduate Research Symposium and all of its participants, as they embody SNU's aspirations for student academic success.  

This year we had a record number of participants.  Presentation winners were awarded in four categories: Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Theology.  A separate award was given for best poster presentation in the area of Sciences.  

The winners in each category were:  

Social Sciences

Paul James: "The Integration of Psychology and Christianity,"

Erin Fitzgerald: "The Absence of Conservatives in Academia"  

Natural Science:

Johnnie West: "The Study of the Interaction Between Th-POK and Corepressors"  


Sarah Hunnicutt: "Female Deviance in Victorian England,"

Lauren Brand: "Shakespeare and Alcott: Connections Richand Strange"  


Kelcie Exline: "God Meets Human: An Exegesis of John 1:43-51"  

Poster Presentations:

Stephanie Mabe, Sarah Whittenberg, and Amanda Mayo: "Memory Malleability and Misinformation"  

The SNU Honors program at SNU want to thank the student assistants, the faculty who volunteered their time as panel judges, IT, and the School of Business office staff for their help in making this annual event asuccess.  

Please help us celebrate the accomplishments of our student scholars!