Counseling Center Endowment Celebrated

A celebration was held recently on the campus of Southern Nazarene University (SNU) in honor of Dr. Jack David Armold, recognizing his establishment of The Jack David Armold Renew Counseling Center Endowment. The purpose of this fund is to provide auxiliary operational monies for the RENEW Counseling Center at Southern Nazarene University to fund a licensed counselor to implement counseling services, intervention and recovery programs to aid students and/or external clients who are addressing substance-abuse issues dealing with chemical dependencies, including, but not restricted to, alcohol, social drugs, and/or other medications.

Pictured:  Dr. Loren Gresham, President of SNU,
Kimberly Campbell, RENEW Counseling Center Director,
Dr. Jack David Armold, and Dr. Michael Crabree

“Dr. Armold has generously established this fund as result of his personal passion for recovery. Jack David battled his own addiction with alcohol and has lived in recovery for several decades. Having graduated from Bethany Peniel College (now SNU) in 1950, he has a great investment in early intervention for our University students and our greater community,” said Kimberly Campbell MA, LPC, RENEW Counseling Center Director at Southern Nazarene University.

Campbell says, “RENEW is committed to retaining licensed alcohol and drug counselors who will provide treatment for clients and ongoing training and supervision for our staff. We feel equally passionate with Dr. Armold that an individual’s ability to embrace recovery has a resounding and rippling effect on the course of ones life and all those around them. Our ability to partner with individuals journeying towards recovery becomes even more possible through the generosity of people like Jack David.”

For more information about the RENEW Counseling Center go to RENEW Counseling Center or, to donate to RENEW, contact Dr. J. Michael Crabtree at or call 405.491.6313.

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