Course Schedule

Introduction to Graduate Studies

1. PRTH 6003 CHARACTER, CHARACTERISTICS, CAREER (3 hours) This course guides students to analyze their strengths, weaknesses, skills and ministry/leadership styles in the context of the demands placed on church leaders for the twenty first century. The goal is an on-going spiritual growth and professional development. This course will provide students with an overview introduction to graduate studies and the Master of Arts in Church Leadership. This course serves as an orientation to SNU, the course management software and to the kind of work necessary to succeed in the program.  It also provides participatory experience in the rapidly changing use of technology in adult education and organizational communication.

Foundational Classes

2. PRTH 6213 DEVELOPING CHURCH LEADERSHIP (3 hours) This course provides a detailed study of organizational leadership skills, servant leadership, followership, dynamics of group interaction, types of groups, problem solving, conflict resolution, as well practical application of theses principles. Students will have the opportunity to explore various styles of leadership and begin to identify their own leadership style using the Leadership Practices Inventory developed by Kouzes and Posner. Foundations of Christian education will be introduced and age group needs will be explored in the context of developing a strategy for leadership development in the local church.

3. PRTH 5083 SOCIOLOGY OF CULTURES/COMMUNITIES/CHURCHES (3 Hours) Students will develop an understanding of the diversity that exists in the World community, the local community and the community of faith as a means to developing culturally and socially appropriate ministries. Students will conduct a “Community Exegesis Project” in which they will describe their findings and then propose how they will integrate what they have discovered into more effective ministry in that setting.

4. THEO 5303 THEOLOGICAL METHOD (3 hours) The Wesleyan quadrilateral will provide the basis for readings and discussion on the role of Scripture, tradition, experience and reason in making theological decisions relating to ministry. The implications of other contemporary theological methods for ministry will be explored.

5. PRTH 5133 CONGREGATIONAL ORGANIZATION, BEHAVIOR, & HEALTH (3 hours) This course deals with behavioral social systems in work organizations. Topics include individual and group behavior, leadership, organization change and development, behavioral research, decision processes and motivation processes. Students will explore the characteristics of their local church organization using the Operational Characteristics Evaluation instrument.

6. PRTH 5203 LEADERSHIP AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION (3 hours) An exploration of the sources of conflict and the leader’s role in resolving it. This class explores not only the sources of and problems created by conflict but also how to improve social relations at all levels of interaction -- interpersonal, inter-group, and organizational. The course will involve both theoretical understanding and practical applications. Students will gain hands-on experience by participating in a team project based on a conflict based case study.

7. THEO 6103 THEOLOGY OF CHURCH AND MINISTRY (3 hours) Biblical, historical and contemporary bases will be explored as resources for the formulation of a theology of the church and of ministry in the church. The impact on one's presuppositions of church and ministry on actual practice of ministry will be discussed.

8. PRTH 5503 CONGREGATIONAL CARE AND TEAM BUILDING (3 hours) This course is a study of the essential factors in developing a broad-based congregational care program involving both lay and pastoral teams. Congregational care needs often arise when individuals try to meet their personal needs themselves in ways which do not work. Students will develop a proposal for a team building training series to equip individuals to care effectively and provide an ongoing ministry of discipleship-counseling for their church and community.

9. B LT 5203 BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION (3 hours) After a brief survey of the history of biblical interpretation, attention is given to contemporary methods of analyzing the Bible for the purpose of interpretation in a ministry context. A major interpretation project in both Old Testament and New Testament is required.

10. PRTH 6403 MINISTRY PRACTICUM: LEADING CHANGE IN THE LOCAL CHURCH (3 hours) This course provides a culminating integration for students finishing the degree program. Students will demonstrate their ability to apply the principles of Church Leadership by diagnosing a current situation in their church and designing a change plan based on the concepts and principles taught in the various courses of the MACL.