Mailing Information for Current SNU Students

Home Address Example
This will be your home address for the coming year. When you give it out to friends and family, it should look like this for correct delivery:

Student Name
SNU Box ####
6612 NW 42nd Street
Bethany, OK 73008

**Please use your complete name since more than one person uses the same SNU Box!

Mail Delivery Schedule

  • Each day's mail should be in your box by 4:00 PM weekdays, 4:00 PM on Saturday.
  • Off-campus out-going mail should be brought to the Commons Information Desk no later than 2:00 PM weekdays.
  • No mail is delivered to the Bethany Post Office on the weekends. 

Don't Have A Box?
If you live off campus and wish to maintain a student box, you may pay a $5.00 fee for the year.

Can't Remember Your Box or Combination?
As long as you can remember your name, stop by the Commons Information Desk and they can help you!