December 2016 Commencement Schedule

Commencement Day

1:00 pm - Doors Open, Sawyer Center (see NOTE below)

2:00 pm - Commencement Ceremony Begins

See Graduate Line-Up Information for more details.

Guests and graduates should plan to arrive at the Sawyer Center conscientious of their physical ability to stand outside and wait. To be fair to all our graduates and guests, those discovered inside Sawyer Center prior to the official opening of doors may be asked by Commencement personnel to exit the building until the doors are open.

For parties with elderly or disabled guests, the prospect of experiencing physical challenges of standing outside waiting for the doors to open creates a common concern. To address this issue as best we can, SNU has designated sections of the main floor of the gymnasium as priority seating for elderly and disabled guests to be seated once the doors are open to the public. This courtesy is provided in an attempt to allow those in more fragile physical condition to arrive as the doors open and still have an opportunity for adequate seating. Because of this provision, we request that ALL guests and graduates, including those with special needs, remain outside the Sawyer Center until the doors open.

Dates and times are subject to change without notice.

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Broadcast begins at 1:30PM (CST)