Department of Mathematics

Mathematics at SNU

Departmental Objectives

The Math Major Experience

Students in the SNU Mathematics Department are prepared to reason carefully, think critically, and solve problems creatively.   The curriculum begins with a 3-semester sequence in Calculus, followed by eight upper-level math courses.  The courses include studies of both pure and applied mathematics.  Almost all of them encourage students to develop their writing skills through the writing of mathematical proofs.  Finally, three capstone courses challenge students to develop their writing, speaking, reading, and research skills.  

Successful Graduates

SNU Math Education majors have enjoyed a 100% success rate for at least the past five years with finding employment in public or private schools upon graduation.  SNU Math majors may decide to pursue immediate employment in business and industry, or they may choose to apply to graduate school.  Our graduates are now employed by oil and gas companies, insurance companies, financial services firms, and transportation companies.  They have also earned graduate degrees at institutions such as the University of Oklahoma, the University of Arkansas, and the Australian National University.