Dr. Alicia Limke

Dr. Alicia Limke

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Counseling,
Director of Graduate Research

Contact Information
E-mail: alimke@snu.edu
Office Location: Don Beaver Science Building, Fourth Floor, Room 431
Office Number: (405) 491-6352


  • Ph.D. – Psychology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, 2002-2005.
  • M.S. – Psychology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma 2000-2002. 
  • B.S. - Psychology, Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma, 1997-2000.                                                                                         

Dr. Alicia Limke became the Director of Graduate Research in the Graduate Programs in Counseling in 2003, but just joined the faculty full-time when she also became an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Counseling in 2012. Prior to joining the SNU faculty, she served as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma from 2007 to 2012. Dr. Limke also has research experience working with the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the Oklahoma Criminal Justice Resource Center (now a part of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation), and the National Institute of Justice (as part of the ADAM project personnel). In her spare time, Dr. Limke enjoys spending time with her family – Andy (whom she married in 1998), Rachel (born in 2004), and Kristen (born in 2006) – and friends, reading, watching movies, experiencing musical theatre, and attending NASCAR races.

The Crossroads Research Lab (which Dr. Limke oversees) focuses on predicting interpersonal processes from intrapersonal ones. Within this goal, there are three main areas of research, each theoretically supported by a full-time member of the Department of Psychology and Counseling at SNU.

  • One line of current research (with Dr. Paul Jones) involves the content and structure of knowledge about both the self and relationship partners. Some studies focus on the stability and consistency of evaluative organization, as well as potential vulnerabilities that are associated with organizational preferences. We are also interested in how cognitive and relational aspects of the self-concept (e.g., evaluative organization of self-knowledge, self-discrepancy, self-complexity, and attachment) change over the course of psychological treatment.
  • A second line of research (with Dr. Ron Wright) examines processes associated with adult attachment. We are interested in the relationship between different types of attachment (e.g., parents, partners, and God) as well as how attachment can be used as a mediator between (or explanation for the relationship between) childhood experiences and long-term psychological and relationship consequences. Finally, we are interested in individual differences in attachment and the relationship outcomes associated with them.
  • A third line of research (with Prof. Scott Secor) investigates predictors of resiliency following trauma. We are interested in examining the role of social support in the process of healing – specifically, identifying aspects of social support crucial to each client’s or individual’s success.

Courses Taught:
Graduate Courses:

  • Statistics
  • Research Methods I
  • Research Methods II
  • Behavior Forensics
  • Modern Learning Theories
  • Theories of Personality
  • Psychology and Law
  • Psychology of Religion
  • Intimate Relationships

Undergraduate Courses:

  • General Psychology
  • Writing for Psychology
  • Introduction to Personality
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Advanced Statistics: SPSS (Computer-Packaged Statistics)
  • Principles of Behavior and Conditioning
  • Biological Psychology
  • Psychology and Law
  • Behavior Forensics
  • Intimate Relationships
  • Motivation and Emotion
  • Psychological Measurement
  • Psychology of Religion

Current Scholarship:
Dr. Limke has over a dozen projects with students in process and continues to develop ideas and train new researchers on the process of research design, implementation, and analysis. For more information regarding Dr. Limke’s current projects and students, see her personal website, at www.alicialimke.com.

Curriculum Vitae:
Dr. Limke’s updated curriculum vitae can be viewed on her personal website, at www.alicialimke.com.