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Equestrian at SNU

Can I contact the coaches at SNU?
SNU encourages prospective students to contact coaches at any time. Coaches are available by email or phone.

Can I visit SNU and its coaches?

Yes, you are welcome to call and set up a visit of the facilities at any time.

Are scholarships available for Equestrian Athletes and what expenses would I have?
Academic scholarships are awarded to all equestrian team members. SNU also has a budget to cover all expenses necessary for competition.

Are there opportunities to work with horses in Oklahoma?
Oklahoma is home to a diverse and abundant horse population. With numerous equine professionals and local horse shows in the area, students have access to a multitude of events and part-time jobs in the horse industry.

How do I become a member of the equestrian team?

The SNU equestrian team holds individual evaluations throughout the spring semester for the following academic year. Individual evaluations can be scheduled by contacting The Equestrian Center
Phone: 405-495-1489

Do I have to have prior riding experience to join the team?

Yes, prior horse experience is required but SNU allows opportunities for all skill levels so advanced knowledge is not necessary.

Who is allowed to compete in equestrian events?

All team members are provided the opportunity to compete when instructor and coaches identify them as ready for competition.

What is a typical competition like?

The basis of collegiate riding is to award the rider based on their ability to successfully ride unfamiliar horses. Colleges hosting team competitions provide all of the horses and tack that will be used at the show. Riders learn what horse they will be showing using a lottery system. The unique aspect of equestrian competitions is that each team will compete with other teams in a head-to-head format. Each rider that has been chosen by their coach to ride for their team will compete on the horse they have drawn, while one rider from the opposing team will also have an opportunity to ride and be scored on that horse. Whoever of the two riders on that particular horse gets the highest score gets a point for their team, much like the scoring system in tennis. This system helps to level the playing field and gives both teams the same opportunity on the same horses.

What is the typical show season?

Our show season usually begins in September and ends in April. December and January are usually slower months for competing.


SNU Equine Center
4700 N Thompkins
Bethany, Ok 73008

Mr. Bill Bowen
Phone: 405-495-1489

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