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Faculty Scholarship Support Grants (FSSG)

The SNU Faculty Scholarship Support Grant provides supplementary support to encourage faculty to engage in scholarship to enhance personal, professional development. Grants are intended to support and benefit the individual faculty member and contribute to ongoing professional development and growth.

The Faculty Professional Development Council will seriously consider proposals for the following:

  1. Projects for writing books and research articles;
  2. Projects for preparing scholarly conference presentations for subsequent publication;
  3. Projects that update currency in the faculty member’s field or assignment through professional exchange program;
  4. Projects that extend scholarly work into classroom instruction;
  5. Additions to personal professional libraries necessary to initiate a new scholarly or creative activity;
  6. Other scholarly projects contributing to personal scholarly research and development will be considered as funds permit;

The Faculty Professional Development Council will ordinarily NOT approve requests for the following:

  • work directly related to tuition fees for acquiring the terminal degree,
  • professional travel expenses, including conferences, except in cases where the travel is directly associated with the research project,
  • computer or equipment purchases,
  • salary supplement or per diem.

The proposed funding amount should range from $1,500 to $3,000 (proposals exceeding this amount will only be considered under special circumstances, as funding permits). These funds may be used for full-time faculty to obtain a one-course reduction (three credit hours) in teaching load for work done on projects during a regular semester.

FSSG applications are evaluated and awarded by the Faculty Professional Development Council. Applications must be received by 5 p.m. on the publicized deadline date and submitted as directed on the application Web site link found on the Faculty Resources course page on SNU's Moodle portal. Incomplete proposals will not be considered, and the applicant will be notified to reapply for a later granting period.

The chair of the Faculty Professional Development Council will notify all applicants prior to the end of the semester in which the application was made and will finalize arrangements for disbursement of funds for awarded grants. At the end of the project, awardees must submit a copy of the completed work product and a final summary outcomes report. Failure to do so will make the faculty member ineligible for future FSSG grants.

For questions about FSSG application submission, SNU faculty should contact Pam Shenold ( 405-491-6304) in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Previous FSSG Recipients

Name Semester Granted Department/School Project Summary
Jirair Tashjian Spring 2006 School of Theology and Ministry Research, write, present a paper on friendship and hospitality as presented in the parables of Jesus
Linda Wilcox Summer 2006 Department of Sociology Study and compile data on the social ecology in the area surrounding the QERC.
Tim Crutcher Summer 2006 School of Theology and Ministry Research and write a paper on the experience portion of John Wesley's quadrilateral.
Jan Cantrell Spring 2007 School of Education Write a book on peer/peer sexual harassment in K-12 school settings.
Howard Culbertson Spring 2007 School of Theology and Ministry Develop teaching resources to accompany textbook Discovering Missions.
D. Ed Neuenschwander Spring 2007 Department of Physics Co-author with student Curtis McCully and submit for publication a paper on the effects of gravitation on energy.
Kenny Wantz Spring 2007 Department of Mathematics Work toward completing project on classifying Buekenhout unitals in the nearfield planes.
Alan Young Spring 2007 Department of Sociology Research and compile data on the secularization thesis and write articles for publication.
Noel Jacobs Fall 2007 Department of Psychology Project to research and analyze data compiled to study the relationship between critical thinking and spiritual development during the formative crises and experiences of traditional college students.
Frank Johnson Fall 2007 Department of Modern Languages Preparation for a presentation on the opportunities and obstacles for training adult paraprofessional translators and interpreters.
Brint Montgomery Fall 2007 School of Theology and Ministry Research for writing a trade book on the integration of research in theology and science.
Crayton Moss Fall 2007 Department of Kinesiology Research for authoring literature related to the assessment of atheltic training programs.
Gina Weaver Fall 2007 Department of English Research to author a book related to the erasure of the stories of sexual trauma to Vietnamese women during the war in Viet Nam.
Mark Winslow Fall 2008 Department of Physics Travel to 2009 NARST conference in preparation for submission of a scholarly paper to the Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST) in May 2009
Nancy Halliday Spring 2009 Department of Biology Develop textbook related to Origins.
Brent Eskridge Spring 2010 Department of Computer Science/Network Engineering Present academic research paper at conference in the field of genetic and evolutionary computation.
Marty Michelson Summer-Fall 2010 School of Theology and Ministry Participate in two programs to develop church and educational leadership-Duke Divinity’s Leadership Education Program and Foundations of Christian Leadership Program.

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