FACULTY & STAFF Health Center Information

I feel an excitement about this school year, and things are going smooth here in the health center.    For  the new staff and faculty I wanted to let you know what services we have in the Student Health Center.  It is an amazing perk of being apart of the SNU team.  

The simplest way to explain is we can see you for anything that you would go to your primary care physician for.  You do not need to make  an appointment, we are located on the bottom floor of the Commons.   We can  refill  prescriptions,  do lab work, see you for an acute illness, refer to a specialist if needed, give physicals, give allergy shots, do blood pressure checks, etc.  

We are super blessed to have Dr. Ami Siems that volunteers in our health center 3 days a week.  She allows us to have a small pharmacy and vaccines in our clinic, along with top-notch medical care .  Dr. Siems  has changed her hours to accommodate more patients and will be here one morning a week this year.  

 SNU will continue to provide flu shots (in October) to all SNU employees at no charge. (Thank you Human Resources)  Family members may get one for $20.00

ALL  SNU employees (including spouses and children of employees) will be able to utilize SNU's health center.  Children (under age of 16)  will need to come when the doctor is in.  

If you are on the SNU insurance plan, it will cost  $10.00 for office visit fee plus half of other related charges (lab work, test, medications) which are all  at our cost.   With a max of $30.00-  SNU will pay the other half.  
If you are not on SNU insurance plan,  the office visit fee is $20.00 plus other related charges.   

Dr. Siems  first day will be Monday Aug. 28th and we will begin seeing our staff and faculty  at that time. 

Please let us know if we can do anything to make your life easier.  Have a healthy and happy year.  

~ Nurse Angie