Financial Aid Specialist (1 Year Temporary)

Financial Aid Specialist (1 Year Temporary)

Temporary Financial Aid Specialist for Bridge Program, Associate’s Degree Online (OL), OL Online Learners and Tracking

PLEASE NOTE: This is a temporary position.


Support Graduate and Professional Studies programs (both the Bethany and Tulsa campuses) as it relates to receiving and processing Bridge, Associate’s online, and undergraduate on-line financial aid forms/request and tracking vital information needed by both Financial Aid and Business Offices.

Reporting: This position reports to PGS Assistant Financial Aid Director.


Financial Aid: for each sequence of courses and/or semester a learner enrolls, the following will be done: 75% (30 hours per week)

· Direct, collect, process, and count all necessary financial aid forms providing a number of files processed each month increasing number each month
· Provide financial aid counseling, awarding and processing student financial aid in accordance with federal and state regulations.
Provide invoices & receipts to learners & employers (Bridge and OL Online) Clear learners that are placed on Perspective Learner site (Bridge) Determination of financial aid eligibility (Bridge and OL Online) Complete weekly roster Report grades and attendance to supervisor per SAP regulations Maintain close working relationships through active communication with personnel in the Business Office, Admissions and the Bridge/On-Line Academic Advisor as the learner is cleared for enrollment process. · Submit grades for Armed Forces
· Work closely with Tulsa FA to insure congruency.
· Meet with learners and discuss the cost of Bridge program and sign registration agreement
· Monitor verification of student files according to the Department of Education Regulations.
· Participate in monthly office staff meetings with PGS Financial Aid and Business Office, VA and Tulsa FA/BO personnel
· Participate in all programs meetings (i.e., Bridge, Associate’s and Online)
· Participate in on-going training pertaining to job focus (Ellucian training currently)
· Provide exemplary customer service
· Ensure that the Director of Financial Assistance or the Vice President of Enrollment Management never has to apologize, explain or cover up for anything you have done

Tracking: Withdrawal and reentry process for Graduate and Professional Studies 25% (10 hours per week)

· Manage and track all withdrawals and reentries for Undergraduate and Graduate with the exception of MSM/MBA
· Advise and communicate with learner regarding the withdrawal and reentry process
· Access and input withdrawal and reentry data into the university system, working closely with the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and Business Office
· Maintain a complex tracking system in order to confirm reentry, charges, etc.
· Contribute to strong communication and working relationships with learners, the Admissions Office, the Registrar’s Office, Business Office, Financial Aid, Academic Advisors and Program Directors.
· Participate in all meetings concerning withdrawals and reentries

Additional Information regarding the temporary status of this position:

  • Job and performance to be reviewed monthly and at the end of one year.

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