Four SNU Musicians to Perform with Resistance

SNU Musicians contracted to perform with ResistanceYou may have already heard because the percussion students are excited about it right now, but we just had four of our students contracted to perform in Resistance.  Resistance is an extremely competitive percussion and visual performing ensemble in Winter Guard International (WGI).  They will rehearse, tour, and perform each weekend until April when they will leave for a week to compete in the World Championships.  Last year SNU was represented by Christian Morse and Stephen Bubb and received and incredible 4th place at World Championships in their class.

This year SNU will be represented by:

Christian Morse on the Marimba Line
Stephen Bubb on the Tenor Line
Noah Abrego on Vibraphone 1 of the Vibraphone Line (He actually went to audition on auxiliary percussion but was quickly moved through the ranks and received the top Vibraphone position!)
Sean Hernandez on Bass 1 (He also received the top bass drum position!)

I am very proud of these students and I can't think of four better people to represent our fine music department at one of the premier percussion competitions of the world.   If you see them in the hall please give them a pat on the back and hearty hand shake.  (And also remind them to be exercising because they need to be in top physical condition!)

Dr. Brian Stackhouse
Percussion Studio and Drum Line Instructor