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PSY 3133
Human Development
This course focuses on early development—conception through adolescence. Emphasis is placed on understanding the physical, psychological and social processes that form the foundation upon which development rests.

PSY 3412
Personal & Professional Development
This course examines adult learning theory and various learning styles. The course provides a model that is used to analyze life experience.

SP C 3462
Family Communication
This course examines interpersonal communication and the factors that influence its effectiveness in professional, family, and personal relationships.

PSY/SOC 4433
Adulthood & Aging
This course provides a study of development from young adulthood through later life. An introduction to the field of gerontology is also given.

SOC 4442
Family: Dynamics & Structure
This course studies the origin, development, functions, and problems of the basic social institution of our culture—the family. A systems approach is used to study the relationships and dynamics of family functioning.

SOC 4530
Intro to Social Services
This course examines the social, economic, and legal services that are relevant to the family and later life adults. Special coverage will be given to availability of public and private resources. This course involves work in a community setting.

STAT 3423
Data Analysis Methods
This course provides a survey and application of the basic data analysis methods used in the process of evaluation, including a study of both descriptive and inferential statistical methods.

PSY 3423
Introduction to Counseling
This course combines the relevant principles and techniques of counseling and is designed to develop counseling competency.

REL 3413
Biblical Perspectives in Western Culture
This course provides study of the Bible as a foundation to an understanding of Western culture and history. The course also explores the Relevance of the Bible to modern day life.

SOC 4453
Family: Coping with Crises
This course examines the various crises and transitions which a family can experience throughout its various stages, as well as the dynamics of relationships and coping strategies for times of transition and crisis.

BADM 4442
Introduction to Management & Administration
This course examines management styles and supervisory principles relevant to the administration of programs for the family and aging individual.

PSY 4522
Assessment and Wellness
This course examines the techniques for assessing the physical, mental, social, and emotional status of the adult in later life. Emphasis will be given to the development of appropriate methods for optimizing the functioning of the aging individual.

SOC/PSY 3442
Death, Grief & Loss
This course explores the modern concepts of death and loss in contemporary society. The course examines the symptoms of grief and loss, and available coping strategies.

GS 4423
Personal & Professional: Ethics and Values
This capstone course examines various theories of man and their relevance to personal and social values. The course provides the basis to formulate or clarify a philosophy of life that is consistent with the demands of a responsible lifestyle in the contemporary world.

SOC 4533
Social Services Resources/Practicum

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