Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies

In this and following pages we attempt to give you a picture of the practices and culture of SNU’s graduate school.

Graduate study is a challenging, demanding, and rewarding journey for those who choose to seriously engage in academic mastery, practical applications, professional development, and personal growth. SNU addresses these processes quite intentionally in graduate offerings.

  • Attend classes just one night a week
  • Cost includes Tuition, books, fees, a laptop (not included in Online programs), and graduation regalia
  • Cohort groups for peer support
  • Enroll only once, no need to enroll in classes each semester

Contact a representative from a graduate department or request more information online.

Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to Southern Nazarene University’s School of Professional and Graduate Studies. Since 1985, the university has provided individuals with opportunities to complete a baccalaureate degree program designed for working adults. The four majors, Organizational Leadership, Family Studies and Gerontology, and Network Management, Business Administration and the pre-entry program, Bridge, have been accepted and recognized as quality academic offerings by students, employers, the community, and accrediting bodies. Unique to this system is the degree to which administration, faculty, and staff are committed to providing quality and excellence in curriculum, course delivery, and in routine services. All aspects of student services are all offered with the working adult learner in mind. 
Dr. Davis Berryman, Dean of Graduate and Adult Studies at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Tulsa and ONLINE
      Dr. Davis Berryman
Learners enjoy the hassle-free enrollment process and other services such as experiential learning and individual study which are also tailored to adult learners’ needs. A Christian world view pervades the work and planning of each activity of the University. Examination of values is an ongoing process integrating learning, living, and faith. This process is highly visible in the mutual concern exhibited by learners, faculty, and staff.

We all attempt to live the University motto, Character, Culture, Christ, and in doing so, we believe we assist all learners who desire to enrich their knowledge, gain practical skills, improve integration skills, and enhance career opportunities. We are pleased to assist you in your academic learning journey. The goal of Southern Nazarene University and the School of Professional and Graduate Studies is to equip learners to better meet the challenges and joys of life.

W. Davis Berryman,
 Dean, School of Professional and Graduate Studies