Green at SNU - "Creation Care" and sustainability efforts on the SNU campus

Should Christians be concerned with the slow deterioration of planet earth? Should we care about declines in the overall quality of soil, water and air? What about deforestation, endangered species and global warming?

The leadership at Southern Nazarene University thinks so, and is a part of a growing group of evangelicals, including members of the distinguished Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, who believe global conservation is a faith-based responsibility. Conservation is cast in moral terms. In an effort to distinguish their mission from "green" radicals and the negative connotations often associated with some environmentalism, they refer to their movement as "creation care".

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"Green" at SNU

  • Lighting has shifted to all high-efficiency bulbs as lighting is replaced throughout all buildings.
  • Irrigation of the campus utilizes a well watering system.
  • Low-Flow toilets are installed during the replacement process in all dorms.
  • Thermostats are controlled by computer for energy management.
  • Sprinkler heads are being replaced for more efficient watering times.
  • Metal used in maintenance is recycled.
  • Branches trimmed from trees are recycled into ground cover.
  • Mowed grass is used for the Horses at the SNU Horse Barn
  • Batteries used in maintenance are recycled.
  • Aluminum cans, paper and plastics are the recycling focus for current students working to place recycling bins and dumpsters in and by all campus buildings.
Future Plans:
  • High efficiency lighting installed in all campus buildings.
  • Low-Flow facilities in all buildings.
  • Growing own vegetation.