Haiti Mission Team News

On Saturday evening May 15, Southern Nazarene University officials received a phone call relaying information that our team in Haiti had experienced a day of stress and sadness.

We do not know all of the details yet, but there was a landslide which took a truck transporting three Haitians and some of our team's supplies to the bottom of a deep ravine. One female Haitian doctor who had volunteered to work with our medical team was killed in the fall, and a nurse suffered severe injuries and possible paralysis. We want to stress that all members of the Southern Nazarene team are in good health and were not directly involved in the accident.

Of course this has been a very difficult beginning to the ministry the SNU team was planning to do. The SNU team is currently back in the Nazarene campus in Port au Prince planning next steps. They have veteran missionary Dr. Howard Culbertson, Kimberly Campbell, Director of our Counseling Center, and Spiritual Development staff members Jason Hubbert and Andrea Green with them. In addition, SNU grads and Caribbean Region personnel Curt Luthye and Jennifer Lester are with the group for support and assistance in their planning. The team's plans have now changed and they will remain at the campus in Port au Prince and work from there.

Please remain in prayer for our students, their sponsor-leaders, and for the Haitian people who have suffered loss of one of their fine professionals.

Brad D. Strawn, Ph.D.
Dean of the Chapel
Vice President for Spiritual Development
Southern Nazarene University