Haiti Mission Team Update

The office of Spiritual Development received this Haiti Mission Team update May 19th, 2010 from veteran missionary to Haiti and SNU sponsor, Dr. Howard Culbertson.

"Sunday morning we went to an exciting church near Port-au-Prince that is just four years old but is already running 200-300. They have begun building their own building. We worshipped in the half-completed church (a roof but no walls) which is already too small for them. The pastor, who had been alerted to our coming, spoke that morning from Isaiah 41 about how God can be at work in the midst of tragedies and difficult circumstances. We spent the afternoon and evening on the campus.

Monday our team split in two with the nurses and pre-med students going to work in the clinic on campus and the rest of the team working with the Nashville group replacing a section of the concrete block security wall surrounding the campus that was damaged in the earthquake. In the late afternoon our group set up three English classes for students at the Bible college and workers in the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries office. In our late night devotional time numerous team members shared how they had been touched by the Lord’s presence during the day.

Yesterday, our nursing and pre-med students went to downtown Port-au-Prince to work in a clinic run by Heart to Heart in the Bel Aire Church of the Nazarene. The rest of the group ran an all-morning children’s ministry in connection with a giant NYI event on the campus. In the late afternoon we again conducted three English classes. Our late night devotional time included testimonies of the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the day."

We are so thankful that our team is feeling useful and sensing the Lord's presence. Thanks for all your prayers.

Brad D. Strawn, Ph.D.
Dean of the Chapel
Vice President for Spiritual Development
Southern Nazarene University