Residence Life at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany Oklahoma

  • The A.M. Hills Residential Complex is divided into 2 separate halls, Garey Hall & Jernigan Hall. One hall houses male students while the other houses female students. There are a total of 288 student beds for students. In addition, the building also is home to the Bud Robinson Room, located at the center of the 1st floor which holds 300+ people and is equipped with a projector and 3 TV's which can be synced to the main projector or used independently.

Each resident receives a bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser.

Each 4-Person suite also contains a refrigerator, couch, dining room table, dining room chairs, cubes (for coffee table use), and an entertainment unit.

Each 8-Person suite also contains a refrigerator, 2 couches, dining room table, dining room chairs, cubes (for coffee table use), and an entertainment unit.

More information about the residential complex:

  • Contains eleven 8-Person suites and forty six 4-Person suites
  • Contains two 2-Person and twelve single rooms for RA's, ADA & other residents
  • 4 lobbies with couches, tables, a study area, and TV
  • Each floor and wing is equipped with washers and dryers
  • Entertainment room with couches, TV, and study area
  • Classroom (holds 40 students) equipped with 2 smart boards
  • At least 2 security access points to each living area and 42 security cameras throughout the building
  • Community kitchen with oven
  • 2 elevators

A.M. Hills Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan                      2nd Floor Plan                 3rd & 4th Floor Plans

A.M. Hills Residential Complex




· constructed material may not be used to decorate unless such material can be freestanding & not anchored in any way
· painting is prohibited
· changes or adaptations of electrical outlets or lighting fixtures are prohibited
· power strips with a circuit breaker are permitted -- extension cords are prohibited
· exterior antennas are prohibited
· adaptation of phone, cable television, or internet outlets is prohibited


· One microwave and one George Foreman grill is allowed in each 4 person and each 8 person suite
· freezers, hot plates, electronic & microwave ovens, toaster ovens, crock pots, & major appliances are prohibited (by restriction of Bethany Fire Department, City code)
· possession of candles, incense, matches, lighters etc. is prohibited(by restriction of Bethany Fire Department, City code)

Television & Gaming - Connecting your Devices


· contact paper, wallpaper, or cork is prohibited
· holes are not to be made anywhere
· nothing should be permanently anchored
· adhesives that leave residue or cause damage are prohibited (resident will be fined for any damages to wall)

Heating Units

· of any kind are prohibited (by restriction of Bethany Fire Department, City code)

Mattress Covers

· are required

Musical Instruments

· electronic pianos, horns, drums, etc. may not be played in the residence hall

University Owned Furnishings

· may not be removed from the room


· energy efficient windows & panels have been installed.
· window panel surfaces are to remain free of any covering including posters, fabric, décor, etc.
· mini blinds are not to be removed

All rooms are subject to periodic inspections by University personnel. Students are expected to keep their rooms orderly & reasonably clean. Rooms vacated in a non-standard condition will be charged against your room deposit per occupant, plus the cost of returning the room to standard condition.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)
Silver Certification

  • 3rd building in Oklahoma and 1st residence hall to achieve LEED certification
  • Underground rain water storage system (this water is used for irrigation)
  • Energy and Water Efficient (Low flow plumbing fixtures designed to conserve water, high efficiency hot water sytem, 16 SEER Heat & Air and other features)
  • 97% of the materials from the previous Garey Hall were recycled
  • All waste materials from the A.M. Hills construction site have been recycled

Construction Details:

  • Represents the single largest construction project in the history of SNU
  • Opening Date: January 2011
  • Estimated Project Cost: $12 million
  • Size: 290 bed, suite-style residence hall
  • For Whom: Freshmen through Seniors
  • Housing Arrangements: Men and Women in separate wings
  • How it's Made: Steel and concrete construction
  • 100,000 total square feet