President's Welcome

  Marchant Family Welcome & Alumni Center

The 2009 Southern Nazarene University Self-Study presents a comprehensive picture of the university that looks both inside and outside.  The last decade has seen a period of overall institutional growth, with increasing diversity in students and broader community connections.  

During this period of change, SNU has kept faith with the core values of the institution and sponsoring denomination.  Hence the newly revised mission statement is featured prominently throughout this document, as are the future directions expressed by the vision statement and strategic plan.

The HLC self-study process has taken place over two years at SNU with broad participation from the campus and surrounding community.  Almost 2/3 of SNU’s employees were involved in some way with preparations for this accreditation visit.  Approximately 170 faculty, staff, and student representatives across the university were invited to participate and provide comments while the Self-Study document was being prepared.  More than two dozen additional campus employees have been involved in preparations for the accrediting team’s site visit.  

The self-study process also included representative views from both internal and external constituents. In addition to internal reports generated by chairs of the various working groups, the Steering Committee commissioned surveys to collect systematic input from all employees, students, alumni, and trustees.  Almost 40 external constituents were also  invited to contribute to the self-study process, including trustees, alumni representatives, emeriti faculty, and community representatives.

I would invite you to review the Self-Study highlights provided to gain a sense of the many ways that SNU serves students and contributes to the community.

Loren P. Gresham, Ph.D.