Honors Scholarships

Smith, Mary L. & S. J., Memorial Restricted Scholarship Fund

  • Established by Dr. Sharon Sullivan
  • Traditional Undergraduate
  • National Merit Finalist or Oklahoma Academic All-State Student
  • $1000.00 (per semester)
  • Renewable up to 4 years if requirements are met
  • Requirements: 
    • Minimum 3.5 GPA each semester
    • Candidate is in good standing with university
    • Must submit an end of semester report (Due 2 weeks before ‘Final Week’) with the following elements: 
      • Recipients goals for the semester in specific terms, and progress toward those goals
      • Recipients thoughtful assessment of the semester, including specifics of what s(he) has done to take advantage of opportunities provided by the school or available in the greater Oklahoma City environment
      • Actions taken by the recipient to improve academically and personally