Honors Students Successfully Write $700 Grant for Council Grove Elementary School

During the Fall 2018 semester, three SNU students—Megan Wortmann, Esther Vineyard, and Sam Carroll—applied for a Target Field Trip grant on behalf of Council Grove Elementary School. The SNU Honors program is thrilled to announce that the grant has been funded. 

First-year Honors students engage in service learning throughout their freshman year coursework. Every two weeks, they volunteer at Council Grove Elementary, a local Title I school. Pairs of SNU students mentor pairs of CG students over the course of a year, helping the students with reading or math. In the fall, as part of the Honors Academic Writing class, Honors students learn how to write grants and apply for various ones on behalf of Council Grove. Over the past five years of the grant writing project, this is the twelfth grant Honors students have had funded, winning approximately $34,500 for CG. Past grants have funded a reading garden on the school grounds, benches, books for the children and the library, and an audio system.  

The Target Field Trip Grant, totaling $700, will allow Council Grove kindergarteners to attend a field trip to SNU, touring the campus and participating in the college lifestyle for a day. As many of these students do not have examples of family members with college degrees, the goal of this field trip is to expose these kindergartners to the possibility and accessibility of college at a young age. When commenting on the purpose of the grant, Wortmann stated, “We wrote this grant for Council Grove students to be able to get the opportunity to come to SNU and learn about college, something that otherwise they may have never known of. This field trip will hopefully place and create the idea in their minds that college is a future option for them if they choose it.” Each year, Honors students participate in this opportunity to grow as students and as stewards of their community. By working in the community, students are providing hope and empowering their neighbors, Carroll explaining, “‘You can be anything in the world, in God we trust’ - Nas. My teacher in 6th grade played ‘I Can’ for the class all the time, and I thought it would be important that other kids hear that message too.”