Human Relations Degree at SNU

At SNU, our Human Relations program is housed under three departments. It is a structured, 45-credit, multidisciplinary major that spans psychology, sociology, and speech communication. We designed this program to prepare you for a variety of careers that focus on personal interaction in human relations. As a student in SNU’s Human Relations program, you will develop skills that prove to be an asset to your career.

Through rigorous courses, caring professors and unique opportunities, you will leave SNU with more than just a piece of paper. By the end of your journey at SNU, you will be able to demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills, effective written communication skills, foundational understanding in psychology and sociology, and conceptual knowledge of core courses in the major.

Human Relations Program

At SNU we strive to make your education as individual as you are. Outside of a 45 hour core curriculum, you will select an additional 13 hours from an extensive list of elective options, targeted to round out your education. Psychology of Personality. Urban Sociology. Principles of Counseling. See a full list on our website or ask for a academic catalog when you visit campus. We offer great opportunities outside the classroom as well, like a broad range of internships designed to fit your interests while expanding your education. Local news station. Non-profit organizations. Radio stations.

Careers in Human Relations

Completion of a degree program in human relations enables students with good academic records to enter graduate study in:

  • Counseling
  • Human services
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Education
  • Government
  • Military 

Download the Human Relations Brochure
 Download the Human Relations Four Year Degree Plan 

The Program

  • Is a structured, 45 credit, multidisciplinary major spanning psychology, sociology, and speech communication.
  • Designed to prepare students for a variety of careers that focus on personal interaction in human relations
  • Opportunity to individualize the major through an additional 13 hours of elective options
  • Includes a broad range of internships based on each individual student’s interests

The Professors

  • Highly-qualified to teach with respected accomplishments in their individual fields
  • Experience as accomplished authors, leadership in the National Communication Association and Oklahoma Speech theatre Communication Association
  • Develop meaningful relationships with students and invest in seeing their success

The Preparation

  • Our graduates hold the tools to obtain their career dreams
  • Human Relations graduates are prepared to succeed in graduate school