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1. The institution has put in place a governance structure to enable effective and comprehensive decision making related to distance learning.
Comment received: Documentation fully supports indicator. Online Policy and Procedures Manual is very thorough. Strategic plan demonstrates that online education is mission critical. The org chart should be clear who has accountability and convening responsibility for the various committees who oversee online education.
Meets criterion completely
2. Policies are in place to authenticate that students enrolled in online courses and receiving college credit are indeed those completing the course work.

Comment received: Documentation supports indicator moderately. For a score of 3, evidence is needed that addresses policies and procedures around authentication. What are the specific procedures for the login process? How are secure passwords created? Is there a secure process if a student needs to re-set a password?

Moderate Use
3. Policy for copyright ownerships of course materials exist.                               

Comment received: Documentation fully supports the indicator. IP statement includes policy for course materials. It would be helpful to have the web link where document can be viewed by public so reviewers can verify.

Meets criterion completely
4. The institution has defined the strategic value of distance learning to its enterprise and to its relevant parts.

Comment received: Documentation supports this indicator moderately. Good documentation of budget support for online learning, as well as plans where online learning is listed as an academic and strategic priority. For a score of 3, more evidence is needed to demonstrate that online learning has been embedded in the institution's vision and mission statement. Its inclusion in the strategic plan and in the academic plans and priorities is a good start, but the strategic value of online learning could be better defined and connected back to the institution's mission and vision.

Moderate Use
Comments for Institutional Support: The Strategic Plan, budget plans, and Academic Plan and Priorities documents are excellent evidence of the institutional support for online learning. It's clear this institution is on a successful track with regard to institutional support.
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