SNU is dedicated to assisting each student reach their educational goals. One very important area that directly relates to academic achievement is good health. We can help each student maintain their good health through our Student Health Center. The Student Health Center is staffed 40 hours a week with a registered nurse. A physician is available four days a week as well. Many of the evaluations, tests, and treatments a student might need are available in the Student Health Center at very affordable rates.

At times, however, an illness may occur that is beyond the scope of the Student Health Center, requiring more in depth care or perhaps hospitalization. If the student is not covered by insurance, this can put a tremendous strain on finances, which could disrupt the educational process.

If a student does not have their own health insurance SNU offers a student insurance policy. For more information on the Student Health Insurance plan through SNU, log on to

If you have any questions, please call the Student Health Center at (405) 491-6605 or Academic Health Plans at (888) 308-7320.

All registered non-US citizen who are not sponsored, taking one or more credit hour are required to enroll in a student health insurance plan and must show proof.  If enrolling during traditional registration times (Aug. or Jan.) the insurance premium can be automatically added to the student's bill if signing up through the SNU Student Health plan.  All registered graduate students who are on a SNU 120 are required to enroll in a Student Health Insurance Plan and must also show proof of  insurance. 

*ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS MUST SHOW PROOF OF HEALTH INSURANCE to the international office before classes begin, and have all required vaccines to attend SNU.


2016-17 SNU Insurance Information