Intensive English Program


Fall 2008-Spring 2009 – 8 week sessions

August 28- October 22 
October 22- December 17
December 17- January 13  HOLIDAY BREAK
January 14 – March 11   (testing January 14)
March 11-May 6  (testing March 11)


Summer 2008

May 6 - July 1                                                                                                                           July 1 - August 26


The Center for Applied Studies is a department of Southern Nazarene University just like our business or nursing department. It is a foreign language department with the foreign language being English; thus, the Department of English as a Foreign Language.   Students accepted into ASEC Intensive English Programs are also accepted into the major department of their choice (for example, they are also nursing or MBA students while they are ASEC students).  The English classes are part of their coursework that must be completed before they can take higher level classes just as algebra is required before taking calculus.  If desired, students can receive foreign language credit upon completion of the intensive English courses and receive either a minor or associates' degree in English as a Foreign Language.  Students continue undergraduate general requirements upon completion or enter a graduate program

To be eligible for participation in this program, immigrants must submit the following documents:

  • Completed SNU Application
  • Translated transcripts for all prior work (high school and/or college
  • Official transcript in home language
  • Completed FAFSA  and award letter acceptance (if applying for financial aid)
  • Signed Statement of Understanding

International F1 visa students select the following link for your admission requirements:

International Admissions Checklist

Contact Information:

Ronna Fisher or Matthew Wood, Student Recruiters
4200 Peniel Ave., Bethany, OK 73008



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Welcome to ASEC@SNU

Welcome to ASEC@SNU





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American Friends

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                        Communicative, vocabulary & writing based                            curriculumfrom latest TESL research