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Modern Language Programs

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  • B.A Degree in Spanish
    SNU's Spanish major emphasizes the real world use of the language through such courses as medical Spanish, business Spanish and a wide selection of translation and interpreting courses as well as courses in Spanish writing, conversation and literature.

Interdisciplinary Programs

  • B.A. Degree in Spanish-English Translation
    The Spanish-English Translation major prepares students for careers involving oral and written bilingual communication, such as translation, interpreting, international journalism and communication positions in international organizations.
  • B. A. Degree in International Studies
    The International Studies Program prepares students for careers in international business, relief and poverty alleviation, diplomacy, communications, travel and international law.
  • B.A. Degree in Latino Ministry/Latino Studies
    The Latino Ministry/Latino Studies major is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses in theology and ministry with Spanish and translation courses in order to prepare students for cross-cultural ministry among Spanish-speaking populations in the United States and overseas.

Minor in Spanish
A total of 18 hours, including six hours of upper division courses, is required for a minor.

Our Nazarene Heritage

Founded in 1899, Southern Nazarene University is a private, Christian, liberal arts university - a service of the Church of the Nazarene. Located on a 40-acre campus just west of Oklahoma City, SNU grew out of several small colleges committed to training people for service to God and their fellow man. More than 32,000 alumni work and serve throughout the United States and the world. Read More