Learn Professional Skills Through SNU’s Organizational Leadership Degree Program

A newly promoted woman helps a coworker in her office.

People want to grow professionally, whether that means taking on a larger role within their company or even leading a business of their own. Today’s organizations need qualified leaders to articulate vision, implement strategies and assist with transforming the workplace.

While some characteristics of a great business leader are innate, others are learned and polished through experience and education. Being a true leader requires hard work, responsibility, and faith.

Don’t let the lack of a college degree keep you from achieving your professional goals. Adult programs, like the Organizational Leadership program at Southern Nazarene University, are helping future business and community leaders earn their degrees.

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SNU’s Organizational Leadership program is crafted for entrepreneurial students who aspire to be leaders at their place of employment or within their community. Students in the program are typically interested in becoming small business leaders, directors or managers, HR specialists, or taking on many other administrative roles.

Dr. Cathy Hutchings-Wedel, Director of the Organizational Leadership program at SNU, says ideal students for the program desire more than simple administration skills. They are seeking to develop aptitudes and abilities necessary to be successful in any organization and ultimately become effective leaders. Students in the program aspire to expand their leadership skills by learning about different perspectives and becoming leaders who are ethical, motivating, critical-thinking, and wise decision makers.

The accelerated course structure is ideal for working adult students. Classes meet one night a week for about four hours. Instructors use class time effectively and coursework is relevant to skills needed for modern business leadership. For students unable to attend class on campus, a completely online version of the program is available.

To enroll in the program, students must have 60 hours of completed undergraduate coursework, but programs offered at SNU take into consideration the work and professional experiences of prospective students and count it toward their undergraduate credit.

Developing Professional Skills and Experience

The Organizational Leadership degree program is an interdisciplinary major that draws from the fields of business, management, and communication. It focuses on the theory and practical application of universal leadership skills. These include:

  • Organizational behavior
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic thinking
  • Team building
  • Critical and ethical thinking
  • Business decision-making
  • Change and conflict management

Students can expect to take courses such as, Interpersonal Communication, Systems and Change Theory, Leadership and Management, Professional Ethics & Values and Applied Research and Analytics.

Organizational Leadership Career Paths

The program is exceptionally diverse in terms of potential career paths. Dr. Hutchings-Wedel provides several examples.

“Graduates in this major are trained to understand what it takes to be an effective manager or leader, how to motivate others, and how to successfully implement change. At multiple levels, people are involved in every business and organization. Jobs for this degree can be found in a variety of settings and roles.”

Human Resources

Combined with management and leadership skills, the program can lead to jobs in human resource management, employee development, employee compensation, and employee recruitment. Students learn how to interpret business and employee needs, making them well-suited for the field.

Training and Development

Students in the Organizational Leadership program learn valuable skills that make them excellent at leading workplace trainings. Graduates are trained to motivate and empower others in the workplace. They often find jobs as corporate trainers, adult educators, lecturers, motivational speakers, program developers, or instructional designers.”

Higher Education

Dr. Hutchings-Wedel states that many of the program’s students enter careers in higher education. The degree is excellent for preparing adult learners for the developing and planning skills needed for administrative roles at institutes of higher learning.

Organizational Management and Consulting

Management skills learned in the degree program are widely applicable to many businesses. The experience and direct application of informed organizational decision making is a perfect progression for students to become consultants. Dr. Hutchings-Wedel says, “The program’s curriculum prepares experts who are capable of leading organizational change. These skills are sought by consulting firms to recommend communication strategies, adjustment to organizational alignment, or recognize other ways to bring great efficiency and boost profitability.”

Earn Your College Degree Through SNU’s Adult Programs

SNU’s adult programs are ideal for working students wanting to complete their bachelor’s degree. Unlike similar programs at larger universities, students have the opportunity to learn skills in a tight-knit classroom setting. Instructors are able to effectively reach each student, which makes for an effective learning experience.

Instructors for the program are highly skilled to facilitate life experiences directly into the learning environment. Students are engaged in collaborative learning and meaningful life-centered application of knowledge.

If you are ready to connect with your inner-leader, request more information about SNU’s Organizational Leadership program. We’re here to help you succeed with educational resources tailored to your individual needs.