Live Last, Mark 9:35

In his inauguration speech, Dr. Newman stated, “To live last is to be countercultural. To live last is to be like Jesus. To live timeless and contagious.” How do we, as students, faculty, daughters, sons, Christians...define and execute this idea of living last? For some, living last is giving up their Saturday to help a friend study for a difficult test. For others, it is taking a step of faith by moving to a different place in order to serve that particular community. To live last is to put others first and to serve. It’s a simple definition, but what it looks like can take many shapes and forms. Over the next few months, the SNU community will be challenged to answer what it means for us to put others first. How will YOU live last?

Professor Julie Brant graduated from SNU in 1994. She has spent over twenty years as an educator in early childhood and elementary education in both the public and private school systems. She returned to the School for Children in 2002 and became the director in 2009. She is married to Todd Brant, executive director of University Relations, and is the mother to three children, with one child attending SNU. Currently Julie is the director of the early childhood program in the School of Education. She teaches several classes on SNUs main campus and at the laboratory school using her many years of experience in teaching to invest in our future educators at SNU.

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Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.  Mark 9:35 Live LastDownload this image to share or print

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Live Last Campaign - Downloadable quote by CS Lewis

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