Campaign for the Sciences at Southern Nazarene University

Biochemistry major Mary Siems appreciates the fact that she is not just a student or a number in the eyes of her science professors at Southern Nazarene University. In fact, it is the relationships she has formed with her science professors that she values most.

“At SNU, you are treated like a person,” said Siems. “You have a personal connection with the professors and not just on an academic level, but also on a personal level.”

While Siems originally was considering a major in nursing, it was her first meeting with the biology and chemistry professors that made her change her mind to following in her parents’ footsteps of becoming a multi-generational SNU biochemistry major. 

“When I first met the faculty, the immediately made me feel like a part of their family,” said Siems. 

Mary Siems, Biochemistry major at Southern Nazarene University

Siems considers the SNU legacy her parents passed on to her as a motivation as she works towards medical school, and plans to continue her relationship with SNU in giving back to help future students as they enjoy the benefits of the new facilities that will result from the Campaign for the Sciences. 

“I will be willing to come back and help other pre-med students and pass on what I’ve learned, just as others have done for me,” she added.