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Graduate programs in Kinesiology include a Masters of Arts in Sports Management and Administration at Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma

Program Curriculum

Course Number        Course TitleCredit Hours
KNES 6713Social Issues in Sport3
KNES 6123Organizational Communication 3
KNES 5713Ethics in Sport Management3
KNES 5133Professional Connections: Revenue Generation3
KNES 6703 Media Production for Sport Managers3
KNES 5723Sport Marketing3
KNES 5733Sport Finance3
KNES 6723Sport Facility Planning and Management3
KNES 6743 Sport Organization, Leadership and Management 
KNES 6153 Human Resources Management and Administration          3
KNES 6733Sport Law3
KNES 6753Sport Governance and Compliance3


Graduation requirements include completion of program curriculum with a grade average of “B” (3.00 on 4.00 scale) or above.



KNES 6713 - Social Issues in Sport (3 credit hours) 
 This survey course examines social issues in sport known to various social groups and countries. Study is given to the cultural and historical issues as they impact international sporting events. Particular areas of interest are youth sport programs, violence, racism, religion and gender issues. This course will examine current events and trends related to the future of sport in North America.

KNES 6123 - Organizational Communication (3 credit hours) 
 This course examines organizational communication theory and process. Special emphasis is given to common and special problems associated with interpersonal and intergroup communication affecting decision making and operations. 

KNES 5713 - Ethics in Sport Management (3 credit hours) 
 This course is designed to explore an individual moral compass. Various ethical decision-making models will be examined. Analysis of ethical issues in contemporary sports will help develop decision-making abilities of Sport Managers. 

KNES 5133 - Professional Connections: Revenue Generation (3 credit hours) 
 This course is designed to help students develop professional connections with a wide variety of sport organizations.  The student will choose between a travel option to meet with officials from professional, community and collegiate organizations or participate in an Internship/Mentorship relationship to explore and develop skills in revenue generation.  This course provides a "hands on" experience in revenue generation.  The student will see the economic impact of sport.

KNES 6703 - Media Production for Sport Managers (3 credit hours) 
 This course prepares students in all aspects of producing sports-related media in video and print formats and disseminating the productions through broadcast and online channels. Students will develop a concept and see it through to production followed by post-production activities including non-linear video editing, desktop publishing and web authoring via a content management system (CMS). Students will also practice skills related to writing and broadcasting sports information. 

KNES 5723 - Sport Marketing (3 credit hours) 
 This course is designed to advance the sport management student’s knowledge in marketing of sport and exercise. Emphasis is placed on marketing theories and principles. Additionally, focus will be placed on practices for developing, implementing, and managing marketing strategies for exercise and sport programs. 

KNES 5733 - Sport Finance (3 credit hours)
 This course is designed to provide the sport manager the skills necessary to fundraise, manage and develop a budget as well as use key financial concepts to obtain the data to ensure business success.    

KNES 6723 - Sport Facility Planning and Management (3 credit hours) 
 This course introduces students to designing and construction of a comprehensive sport facility. Emphasis will be placed on managing a multi-dimensional sport facility that includes: physical education, athletics, recreation, health/fitness, and aquatics. 

KNES 6743 - Sport Organization, Leadership and Management (3 credit hours) 
 This course examines various organizational structures and leadership styles. The student will also review leadership roles, management techniques and practices in the operations of sport organizations including sport business and traditional athletic settings. 

KNES 6153 - Human Resources Management and Administration (3 credit hours) 
 The focus of this course is to examine the functional areas of human resource management including acquisition and placement, job analysis and design, training and development, performance management, and rewarding of human resources. Extensive reading, writing, group discussions, and case studies are utilized. 

KNES 6733 - Sport Law (3 credit hours) 
 This course presents the basics of the legal system, its terminology, and principles as applied to professional, amateur and recreational sports. Emphasis is placed on identifying and analyzing legal issues, the ramifications of those issues, risk management and limiting the liability of sport organizations. The concepts of tort law, constitutional, and statutory law are discussed. 

KNES 6753 Sport Governance and Compliance - (3 credit hours)
 This course is an overview of the organizations that govern sport. Organizations to be included in the discussion are High School athletic associations, NCAA, and the USOC. Course will emphasize organizational and policy development as well as ethical decision making

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