Earn your MBA entirely online.

The Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program will prepare students to play a leadership role in the rapidly changing, technologically advanced, global business marketplace. The program serves the needs of those who have recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree, as well as practicing professionals who wish to further their education and enhance their careers while contributing to their companies and to society as a whole.

Skills and knowledge from this program will be applicable and utilized across a wide range of organizations both small and large. Degree coursework is taught by professors with real-world experience who have an in-depth understanding of business dynamics, management techniques, and business strategies.

Program Objectives

  • Improve competencies in communicating, relating to others, and delivering presentations in the business environment.
  • Effectively lead and contribute to goal accomplishment in a team setting.
  • Develop critical thinking with a strategic perspective, utilizing an ethical framework, and resulting in sound decision making skills.
  • Develop or improve understanding of current business trends.
  • Develop an understanding of strategic human resource practices and leadership approaches.

Program Length

  • The program consists of 40 credit hours.
  • The entire program can be completed in 22 months.

Programs are delivered in an accelerated format. Courses are taken consecutively, strategically sequenced as building blocks to provide the broad base of skills needed for business success.

One-Time Enrollment
Enrolling once in the MBA at the start of the program is all it takes. There is no need to enroll in classes each semester.

Required Courses

Course # Course Title   Credit Hours
BADM 6123               Organizational Communication  3
MGT 5133 Management of Organizational Behavior 3
ACC 5003 The Accounting and Finance Environment  3
MKT 5113 Marketing Management  3
ECO 5003 The Economic Environment 3
MGT 6153 Human Resource Management and Admin. 3
MGT 6143  Legal Environment of Management 3
MGT 5153 Ethics in Management 3
ACC 5113 Management Accounting 3
FIN 5113 Financial Management 3
ECON 5113 Managerial Economics 3
MGT 5123  Management Science 3
MGT 6131 Management Seminar 3
MGT 6173 Strategic Management 3