clownsWhile in Mexico, Commission Unto Mexico participants will assist local believers in their outreach efforts, most of which will involve Vacation Bible School type programs for children.

Even though there will be a language barrier we can still be clowns and puppeteers and craft workers. On our Mexico mission trip we use smiles and hands a lot to try to communicate!  

The work of our short term mission trip will initiate contacts for the church to followup on for months to come.

VBS lesson and music resources

Spanish/English VBS Packet
Music that goes with VBS material

Balloon sculpture

Most children are enthralled by balloons and anything made with them, even just balloon "swords."  You may not seem to have the talent to make intricate balloon sculptures.  However,  as long as you can make a balloon sword, you'll be a hit!

Advanced balloon sculpture
Want to get really carried away?  Try these balloon sculpture instructions culled from e-mails


Juggling 3 balls in the air can help you cross language barriers [ juggling instructions ]

String figures and games

Remember "cat's cradle" and those other games with a piece of string? Use these games to communicate Bible truths cross-culturally [ click here ]

Spanish choruses?

To get some song lyrics in Spanish, click here.

Salvation bracelets: Web sites with explanations

Faithful Friends ministry [ go to web site ]

"I am loved" buttons in Spanish

Participants have given away a lot of the "I am loved" buttons, courtesy of the Helzberg Diamond store foundation.  If you have a Helzberg Diamond store near you, you can probably get them to give you a hundred or so "I am loved" buttons in Spanish.

Oriental Trading Company is a good place to purchase resources

Daily Bible lessons for VBS activities

1) Jesus and the Children - Mark 10:13-16
Memory verse Mark 10:16
Focus: Jesus acted with authority, demonstrated to the disciples that He is Lord - to obey without discussion and allow the children to come to Him - and to the children he allowed them to feel his love for them and took them in His arms, transmitting care and acceptance with much love.

2) Jesus and His Friends - Luke 10:38-43
Memory Verse John 15:14
Focus: The attitude of friendship of Jesus was an attitude that encouraged over and above His ministry. Those who accept him declare that they recognize Jesus as Lord and Savior and enjoy His friendship and demonstrate the different manners of joy felt with friends.

3) Jesus Helps Us Win Over Fear - Mark 4:35-41
Memory Verse John 14:27   
Focus: The disciples of Jesus were fishermen and many times had to confront storms. Even though they were experts they had some fears that they did not control. Jesus acted with power to calm the storm and demonstrated that only He can help us win over many cause of fear. The child knows Jesus offers his friendship and the power over those things that cause fear in people's lives.

4) Jesus the Good Shepherd John 10:11
Focus: How Jesus watches over us, we are important to Him.

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