Michael Ketchum

Campaign for the Sciences at Southern Nazarene University

When science education major Michael Ketchum first began looking at places to attend college, a Nazarene university was not his first choice; however, it didn’t take Ketchum long to realize that at Southern Nazarene University he would be able to achieve the best of both worlds: obtain a quality science education at a place that felt just like home.


“I was hesitant and skeptical at first, but I immediately felt like I was at home,” said Ketchum. “There was a very welcoming presence about the school.”

Ketchum described SNU’s science program has having a far-reaching impact, which has helped fuel his heart for students. This led him to choose science education as a major so he could combine his love of students and science.

“SNU has changed me in ways I never thought were possible,” added Ketchum. “This is a place where you can really mature and you really learn a lot about who you are and what you believe in.”

Not only does Ketchum feel that SNU has prepared him for success as an instructor in the future, but more importantly it has helped him develop a much deeper faith and walk with Christ.