Ministry Benefits

Problem-based learning

Team and collaborative education

Competency development

Church Leadership takes place in a voluntary context and isn’t as predictable as something like leadership in the military. Church Leaders bring about change through collaborative processes. Leaders emerge in the process of providing workable solutions to the problems facing the group. To say that another way, people are following the person who is providing workable solutions to the problems they are facing.

Problems and opportunities are best understood as two sides of the same door. Learning problem solving skills and strategies is central to becoming a church leader. Mastering content, while important, is only the beginning of mastering the ability to be a leader who is capable of teaching others to be leaders also.

Real-life problems are rarely based in singular issues. Organizations are systems in which the various parts of the system are interrelated and multi dimensional. In this program you will have a mixture of individual and team assignments based on the real-life problems you are facing in your leadership work site. Students will have repeated opportunities to practice these skills in the context of your own church setting.