When you graduate with your degree in missions studies from SNU, you’ll have the preparation you need for a successful career in many professions such as:

  • Pastor
  • Missionary
  • Church Administrator
  • Clergy

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Study Missions at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany Oklahoma

The Program

  • Offers more undergraduate missions courses than any other Nazarene School
  • Opportunity to receive a substantial scholarship for hands-on supervised work in local churches and urban ministry centers
  • Allows students to graduate as debt-free or near debt-free as possible to move into missionary centers without delay
  • Include many missions opportunities for two weeks, a summer, even a full year post graduation

The Professors

  • The chair of the SNU Missions Degree has 15 years of experience in overseas missions
  • Promote a variety of mission awareness programs allowing the students to learn about and serve in many overseas and cross-cultural missions
  • Hold a wide range of ministry experiences including senior pastors, pastoral staff, urban ministry directors, missionaries and theological educators

The Preparation

  • Students can expect to graduate and begin their ministry in a number of capacities immediately
  • Our graduates serve as overseas missionaries through the Church of the Nazarene and other mission pastors in large US congregations
  • Recent graduates serve in Bulgaria, Iraq, Kosovo and more