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Campaign for the Sciences at Southern Nazarene University

Anne Murray loves the challenge of solving a puzzle, which is what attracted her to the field of research. As a science research writer, Murray asks the tough questions and then works at finding the pieces of the puzzle that will lead to the answers.

“You have this idea/disease/hypothesis that you want to study and learn the nuts and bolts of how it works,” she explained. “In research you have to figure out how to do that.”

Murray credits her desire to answer science’s tough questions to her time at Southern Nazarene University where she earned a B.S. in biology-chemistry in 2003. After earning her Ph.D. from Oklahoma University Health Science Center(OUHSC) in 2009, she began working at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

While Murray praised all her professors at SNU for helping her achieve her post-collegiate success, there was one in particular she singled out, Chemistry professor Dr. Daryl Cox.

“He had a way of making the subject matter so understandable, and he is so approachable,” said Murray. “I felt comfortable going to him to talk about struggles in and outside the classroom”. “He showed genuine interest and concern for his students.”

Furthermore, Murray’s experience at SNU proved to be a great source of strength for her in obtaining such a challenging post-graduate degree. She said SNU’s science department provided her the confidence she needed to not only pursue a graduate degree, but also attempt a career in a field that was originally well out of her comfort zone.

“When I entered graduate school, I felt that my scientific foundation was comparable, if not better than, my classmates,” added Murray.

Because SNU was played an integral part in helping prepare for such a tough post-graduate road, Murray is hopeful that the Campaign for the Sciences will help propel the university’s science department to a new level of quality in preparing future researchers like her.

“I believe that improving the resources that are available to students will serve to broaden what is available for students once they move on to further studies in graduate or medical school, as well as in their future careers,” she explained. “It will help students that enter graduate programs to have the same advantages that students from larger institutions have.”

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