Network Management Degree at SNU

The Network Management (NM) program is a Bachelor of Science degree and is designed for students who have earned 60 or more transferable college hours. The required coursework is currently utilizing Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 curriculum and Transcender preparation testing. Students prepare for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT), CCNA Security and Security+ certifications, as well as obtain a Bachelor of Science degree. All networking class professors are fully certified in their respective courses. Classes meet one to two nights a week for 17 months for on-campus students or 100% online.

Network Management Program

 The Network Management program is offered in Oklahoma City or 100% Online. 

Why a degree in Network Management? You probably know how Microsoft, CISCO and Security+ certifications can open doors for professional growth. But imagine how many more doors will open for you when you have a bachelor’s degree as well. SNU is one of a very few universities which provides the opportunity to get both in one convenient program.

Today’s network technology is the infrastructure of modern communication. It is universal. Literally, as technology goes, so goes the world. It changes swiftly and it demands accountability in managers who have not only technical expertise and analytical talent, but interpersonal skills and problem-solving ability as well.

The Network Management degree completion program is designed to hone all your skills so you can improve your position and income within the workforce. Courses are delivered in a small group format to enable quick, in-depth learning from professors and other adult students who help support you along the way.

In short, a Network Management degree gives you the tools – and the edge to compete, now and in the future.

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Prerequisites for admission into the Network Management Program

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