New SNU Students Serve the Community

Over 300 freshmen, new transfers and student leaders at Southern Nazarene University spent Tuesday afternoon of their orientation week serving over 15 non-profits in the Oklahoma City area. Students served invarious capacities including painting, packing food boxes, and various sorting and cleaning.

Students were able to experience new and unique opportunities they might not have expected as college students. Theservice experience opens up opportunities for them to volunteer and get involved in the community outside of SNU. “I had such a great time at Reaching Our City. It was a good feeling to know we were helping people out. It also allowed our family group to become closer,” said freshman, Cobi Barker.

Rhea Woodcock, Director of Student Ministries, organized all of the groups and projects. She said, “In order to exhibit the Christ-driven culture that we seek to exemplify at SNU, we want to remind students early of our responsibility as an institution to the larger community. Service projects across the Oklahoma City metro area are not always comfortable, but they are an invaluable reminder of our responsibility as human beings and as Christians."

Southern Nazarene University's mission is to transform lives through higher education in Christ-centered community. As a Christian community of scholars, we model the hospitality of grace, the pursuit of truth and the practice of discipleship, all within the Wesleyan-holiness tradition, as we prepare graduates who THINK with clarity, ACT with integrity and SERVE with purpose.