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What kinds of jobs are available on campus?

SNU has many different academic and administrative departments in which students are employed in a variety of positions: clerks, office assistants, groundskeepers, library assistants, media equipment operators, lighting assistants, chapel checkers, switchboard operators, housekeepers, admissions guides and many more.

How do I find a job on campus?

All on-campus positions are posted on our online job board.


How do I apply for a job on campus?

Students should read the job description and the instructions for applying. Some office would prefer an email to apply and others would like you to stop by to receive an application. There are even some who would like you to call them. Be sure to follow the directions on the listing.

How many jobs can I apply for?

As many as you like. Just remember that you will need to follow up with each job that you apply for. There are typically more jobs available towards the beginning of a semester.  If you are hired and have applied for more jobs please let the other supervisors know if you are no longer interested in their position.

Do I need to have my Social Security Card in order to work?

Yes and no. Once you have been offered and accept a position, you are required to go to Student Development to fill out all appropriate paperwork before you start working or training. One of the forms you will complete is called the " I-9," which is legally required by the Department of Homeland Security. For the I-9 form you will need to present forms of identification in order to verify your eligibility to work in the U.S. The most common documents used are a Social Security Card and Driver's License, or a Passport. These must be original documents-- NO PHOTOCOPIES OR FAXES. However, documents other than your Social Security Card CAN be used-- Click here for a list of other usable documents

How much will I be paid if I work on campus?

Student wages are generally minimum wage, which is currently $7.25/hr. Work Study wages are the same as non-Work Study wages.

When will I get paid, and where do I pick up my check?

Student employees have two choices for pay. You may choose direct deposit or a reloadable debit card. SNU does not issue any live checks. Pay periods at SNU are two weeks long. Time cards are electronic and due every other Sunday (but you may turn them in as late as the following Monday at noon), and pay is issued the following Friday. You can look at the pay periods here. If you complete your time cards regularly and on time, you will be paid every other Friday.  (link for pay periods should be this document:

What is the Federal Work Study Program (also called "Work Study") and how do I apply for it?

First, the term "Work Study" should not be confused to mean that you are paid to study, or that you may study while on a job. Nor is Federal Work Study (FWS) like a grant or loan where you receive the money in lump sums. It essentially is like a regular job where you work, then get paid for the hours that you worked in that pay period. Pay periods at SNU are 2 weeks. You should use the amount of FWS funds that you are awarded as a guideline for how much you should work to cover that amount of your school bill. SNU and the Federal government use that dollar figure to designate how much of your earnings will be subsidized by the government. You do not have to earn all of an award amount and you may earn more than that amount at SNU. The money earned through the FWS program will be paid in full by direct deposit to the student employee. All, part, or none of the money may be applied to your school bill - the decision is yours.

Work Study applies mainly to on-campus jobs, but there are also off-campus Work Study opportunities available through the Bethany First Church After School Program. FWS recipients can be placed in local schools to work with elementary students on their reading skills or other tutoring that students may need. You should contact Bethany First Church to apply for a position with them. Please contact the Student Employment Office if you are interested in a position at a school.

If you're not sure if you have Work Study or if you would like to find out if you qualify for Work Study please contact the Student Financial Affairs Office at (405) 491-6306.

If I have Federal Work Study, am I guaranteed a job on campus?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. While there many jobs on campus, we do not have enough jobs for everyone. It is strongly recommended that you start your job search right away if you want to work on campus. It is also recommended that you conduct your job search with the mindset that you'll take what's available and not wait for the "coolest" jobs on campus. Generally, students who wait to apply for jobs or who are very picky about what job they will take have a hard time finding a job, or won't find one at all. There are no "awful" jobs on campus. Apply for all the jobs that fit your class schedule. You are not locked into any job and you may change jobs if/when you find one that's more suited to you or that is more along the lines of your career goals.

Can I work off campus?

Yes, you may work off campus. Off-campus jobs are posted on the Online Job Board. Some jobs are within walking distance from SNU and some require a car. While the pay rates for off-campus jobs are generally higher than on-campus jobs, you need to consider several factors - gas money, car loan payments, car insurance, taxes, travel time, and flexibility.

What kinds of off-campus jobs are available?

There are many and varied off campus jobs. Many of the people in the local community need students to care for their children, do house work and yard work or do personal care for their aging or handicapped parents. There are also many small businesses in the Bethany and greater Oklahoma City area who need students to work part time. All of these jobs are posted on the online job board.

Are the employers screened or checked out?

The Student Employment Office is unable to research the integrity of each employer who posts jobs. Therefore, you are urged to undertake this responsibility yourself. Use caution and common sense when applying for any position with any employer. Also, don't go alone to a residential address to apply for a job.

As an international student, is there anything special I need to know?

Yes! International students are eligible to work on campus, but additional specialized paperwork must be completed before you start working or training.

CONTACT Career Services:

Michelle Mullens
Student Employment and Career Center
Phone: 405-717-6226

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