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Center for Online Learning at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma

Information related to traditional, undergraduate, individual courses

  • How many weeks are online courses at SNU?
  •     Courses vary in length from five to six weeks, depending on the program.
  • How many hours per week should I plan to dedicate to my online class?
     Though course content varies, a lot of material is covered in six weeks. You should plan to spend a minimum of 15 hours per week per course.
  • How many students are in each class?
     To maintain quality faculty-student and student-student interaction, SNU online courses have a maximum of 20 students.
  • How many online courses may I take at one time?
     Wholly online students may take more than one at a time. Full time traditional students may only take one online course at a time during a traditional semester. They may take two during the semester, but not at the same time.
  • Are special technical skills required to take an online course?
     No special skills are required, however a student should be comfortable navigating the Internet and using common office application software.
  • Will I be required to log on at a certain time to take the course? 
     No, the courses are designed for you to log on during the week and complete at your own pace. However, specific assignments will be due each week.
  • What kinds of things will I be doing during the course?
     Each course is unique and assignments vary. However, Work may include assignments like: posting to a discussion forum, reading assignments, viewing online content, writing papers, taking exams, working with others on collaborative documents.
  • Is academic support available for online courses?
     Yes, academic support is available for online students the same as traditional students.
  • Am I responsible for the equipment needed to take an online course? 
    The student is responsible for acquiring a computer and an Internet connection. High speed Internet is highly encouraged. 
  •  May I take two online courses from the Theology and Ministry department at the same time?
     No, courses from within this department must be taken in sequence. The exception to this policy is Introduction to Philosophy. That course may be taken with another course from Theology and Ministry.
  •  At what point during an online course may I withdraw without it affecting my GPA?
    Students dropping the course during the first week would have no reflection of their transcript.
     Students dropping during weeks 2-3 receive a W on the transcript.
     If a student withdraws after beginning week 4, the grade earned for the course is reflected on the transcript.
  • If I withdraw from the course do I still have to pay for it?
     Yes, if not withdrawn in a timely manner. See the withdrawal policy.
  • Are disability services available for online students?
     Yes, click here for a link to information on SNU's disability services.
  • If I have a complaint or issue I am unable to resolve with my online instructor who should I contact?Online students should contact the appropriate program director or Academic Affairs at

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