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Joseph Blissett – Pastoral Ministry (Senior)

Activities: “I was accepted into a fellowship that Joseph Blissett - Pastoral Ministry (Senior)allowed me to study abroad in Oxford, England. I was able to study ancient biblical manuscripts and artifacts while utilizing the Hebrew and Greek I learned at SNU. I have also contributed to my field, and especially to practical pastoral ministry, by writing a commentary over the book of Ephesians. It is an easy to use, practical resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of the book of Ephesians.”

Awards :
GSI Fellowship
University Marshal Gene Coburn Memorial Scholarship

Mady Martin – Business/Behavioral Science (Junior)

Activities:  “The Honors community at SNU is so special to me. I get to be around people who are like-minded and that strive for a common goal. These are students who do their best and are always there to support each other. I have found this important, as I have become increasingly more involved in student government. To be able to have the foundation that was made for me my first year of college through the classes that the honors program provides, I am able to efficiently make college the best and most worthwhile time.

Also with the honors program, there is the unique opportunity to be able to showcase the work that we have done. I was able to participate in a paper presentation and win an award for my presentation. This was worthwhile in that it gave me confidence knowing that I am able to talk about scholarly topics in front of an audience and do it well.”

Wall Street Journal Award
Undergraduate Research Symposium Winner
Sawyer Business Scholarship
Thurman Business Scholarship
Ethics Award
LEAP day Business Award

Andi Will – Science Education/Biology (Junior)

Andi Will – Science Education/Biology (Junior)

Activities: “This summer I worked with an SNU professor to research insect ecology. This experience provided me with a basic understanding of the research process.
I also spent 10 days in Costa Rica studying Astronomy. We were able to see many of the Southern Hemisphere constellations from that location. We also toured the country and met many local people.”

Tri Beta Biological Honors Society
Kappa Delta Pi Honors Society
Jan and Mike Bradstreet Equestrian Scholarship

Maggie Williams – Biology (Junior)

Activities: “A summer internship that I did during the summer after my sophomore year was with the Butterfield Foundation. I spent 6 weeks at three different charitable clinics in OKC. I learned how to triage patients, take vitals, draw blood, perform Hemoglobin A1c tests, urinalyses, and many other skills as well as shadowing the health care providers. It was a great experience because I also got to witness firsthand how healthcare and ministry can be intertwined. It was very touching to see the providers praying with their patients, as well as the patients praying for us. This experience sparked a passion in me to use my future skills as a PA to help the underserved and medically vulnerable populations of OKC.

I did a summer internship through the Oklahoma NASA Space Grant Consortium learning about and working with Geographic Information Systems. Although I knew nothing about GIS before this experience, it was very interesting to learn how to map geographic data and use this tool to study the trends in the data. After the summer internship, I had the opportunity to do some research for SNU using GIS. The research that I did allowed me to receive 3 credit hours in Geographic Information Systems although the class wasn't currently offered at SNU.”

Science Scholars Award
Undergraduate Research Symposium Winner

Kaylin Cummings – Social Studies Education (Sophomore)

Activities: “I was one of ten SNU students selected to participate in the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Honor Band that took place in January 2015. Chosen out of all of the participating colleges in Oklahoma (16), SNU sent two more musicians than the average. We got to play incredible music under a renowned director, and the people were fun to meet.

I also went with SIMS to Italy summer 2015. We stayed in Catania, Sicily, for two weeks doing church work projects, concerts for church services, and relational ministries in the city. It broadened my understanding of the world and truly taught me that Christ's love transcends language barriers!”

Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society
Justin Daniel Miller History Scholarship

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