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Physics Degree at SNU

The BS in Physics at SNU requires a 32-hour program, including 26 hours of “core” courses. Gain an overview of fundamental questions and principles in General Physics. Then dig deeper in the advanced courses. Round out your degree by selecting at least 6 hours from physics electives. Along the way, enter the minds of Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein. Make them your intellectual companions as you learn about gravitation, magnetic induction, radioactivity and relativity. A physics degree teaches distinctive habits of mind and ways of seeing. Quantitative, evidence-based reasoning. Distinguishing the essential. Making approximations. Orchestrating intuition with inductive and deductive logic. Searching for the elegant solution. Working with colleagues on something larger than one’s self. Such skills are highly transferable and sought after by many fields. Aerospace. Geophysics. Nuclear technology. Just to name a few. At SNU we know that the complete education extends beyond the classroom. All SNU physics majors conduct directed research, attend physics conferences, and present their research. In addition, travel with your fellow students on field trips to significant destinations such as NASA, the Very Large Array radio telescopes, or the Trinity Test Site.

Physics Careers

  • Scientist
  • Researcher
  • Professor
  • High School Teacher

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Physics at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Tulsa and ONLINE

The Program

  • Requires a 32-hour program including 26 hours of “core” courses
  • Equips students with an overview of fundamental questions and principles in General Physics and then digs deep in the advanced courses
  • Includes 6 hours of physics electives chosen based on each student’s interests
  • Is the only private university in Oklahoma that is part of the NASA-Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium, giving students the opportunity to visit NASA facilities around the country and even join internships with NASA

The Professors

  • Experts in their fields of study with over 50 years of combined teaching experience
  • Are personable and strive to develop student-faculty relationships to help students succeed
  • Include a coach of the United States Physics Team in the International Physics Olympiad
  • Experienced and published researchers

The Preparation

  • Two-thirds of our SNU Physics graduates go directly into the workplace in a number of fields.
  • One-third of our physics graduates earn Masters or Doctorates in Physics or closely related fields from respected schools including Cornell, Rutgers, Baylor and more

Division of Science & Math

Majors / Minors
Financial Aid & Scholarships

Alumni Spotlight

Curtis McCully

Currently: Completing his PhD in Astrophysics at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey

Responsibilities: McCully’s research focuses on the study of a class of Supernovae and gravitational lensing.

Achievements: In 2010, McCully won the Richard J Plano Outstanding Teaching Award at Rutgers. In 2011 he received the Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Award from the American Astronomical Society. In 2012, he was the principal investigator on a proposal to use the Hubble Space Telescope to study a peculiar supernova. His proposal was accepted and he is now waiting for a target to trigger his observations.

In His Words: “I was blessed at SNU to have very small classes. I was able to ask questions whenever I didn’t understand something and the professors, specifically Dr. Neuenschwander was able to tailor the classes to topics that interested me. Nearly all of the material I learned in classes has been directly applicable to my work in graduate school. When I arrived in graduate school, I wasn’t’ sure how my education at SNU would compare to the education of my new classmates, many of whom came from more famous universities. However, I found that I was at least as prepared, if not more, for graduate level classes than many of my peers. There were several instances when other students would come to me for help on topics that I learned as an undergrad at SNU.”

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