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Play On: Master of Arts in Sport Management Program at SNU

Do you dream of playing for your favorite sports team? While not everyone can go pro, many sports enthusiasts turn their passion into athletics-related careers. Some become coaches or athletic directors, while others pursue management, or even sports marketing.

There are many paths to careers in athletics and sports business, but the key to advancing and finding a dream opportunity is the right education.

Southern Nazarene University offers a Master of Arts in Sport Management and Administration graduate program (MASMA) ideal for coaches and other athletic professionals who want to grow professionally. Learn how it’s possible to turn your passion for sports into a lifelong professional career.

Comprehensive Program

The MASMA program at SNU allows athletic professionals to grow in their industry knowledge and expertise. While still a relatively new program to SNU, it’s goals are well-ingrained within the university’s culture and drive for success.

“The goals for the SNU MASMA program are to develop Christian leaders who are confident in their knowledge as well as to help them develop skills that can be applied in a multitude of sports opportunities,” MASMA Program Director Dr. Sylvia Goodman says.

Course syllabi cover a wide range of sports-related topics. Students gain in-depth knowledge about the culture of sport business and management. They also learn about ethical considerations in sports and decision-making, as well as the cultural impact of sports, and sports marketing. Professor Kayla Dorian, Director of Compliance at the University of Oklahoma, is a MASMA program instructor.

“People don't always realize how many behind-the-scenes roles it takes to put on a sporting event or run a department,” Dorian says. “If you enjoy sports, the Sports Management and Administration program can allow you turn your passion into your career.”

Child baseball player throws a pitch during a baseball game.

Careers in Sports Management

 Courses in the program provide relevant insight into coaching as well as athletic departments career tracks. Dr. Goodman says the program grows leaders for both youth and school sports. Many students already work in Oklahoma school districts and colleges while others have military backgrounds. “We have a lot of veterans looking for an opportunity to impact young people,” she says.

The program isn’t just for coaches and athletics directors. It can benefit aspiring managers, coordinators, marketers, and spokespersons. The curriculum is diverse and relevant to almost every sports management role.

“The MASMA program would be ideal for someone interested in working in athletics in a variety of ways,” Dorian says. “With this degree, students can get involved in coaching, athletic administration, event management, and anything you can think of that deals with sports.”

The Perfect Course Format for Working Adults

Students in the program are coaches, working parents, and athletes. Many have to fill multiple roles throughout their day. So, how is it possible that they find time to earn the degree? SNU’s graduate programs are designed for working adults, taking their needs into serious consideration.

The MASMA program is offered on campus or 100 percent online, meaning coaches from all over Oklahoma can enroll and earn their graduate degrees. The on-campus version meets once a week on Wednesday nights as most coaches don’t typically have games that day of the week. For students with more time or distance constraints, the online version is ideal.

“The online program is especially geared towards those who may not be able to take one night off per week to meet in the classroom. Many of my students are full-time coaches or working adults,” says Dorian.

Travel and Professional Opportunities

Though a new program, the MASMA degree plan is growing. What’s planned for the program’s future? Travel and opportunities to meet with industry professionals.

“One of our new adjustments to the program is adding a travel component,” Dr. Goodman says. “The students this summer will have the option to travel to Toronto and Detroit to meet with executives from professional sports organizations including the Blue Jays, Raptors, and Pistons. ”

“They will also have the opportunity to talk with the Development Office at the University of Michigan,” she says. “We hope to continue to improve and update the program moving forward.”

Start Your Sport Management Path

You were made for more. With Southern Nazarene, you can pursue your passion and reach your goals. Request more information about our MASMA graduate program and other degree tracks. Our team of advisors and enrollment specialist will ensure you have every piece of information you need to make a graduate game plan.