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Get your new laptop from the laptop center at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany Oklahoma

All undergraduate students entering SNU for the first time will receive a new laptop. Upon receipt of the laptop students will immediately be responsible for the unit along with all university provided software. If a student desires an upscale unit they may select from a limited number of options. These options will be made available by email to all students as names are provided to the Laptop Center by Admissions prior to enrollment. Students should understand that both on and off campus all computer use policies as set forth in the university's Computer Use and Ethics Policy apply equally to units provided by the Laptop Center. Please note the Academic Integrity statement here.

Because the laptop program is a stand alone program apart from IT, students should direct all inquires concerning laptops including help for all hardware and software issues to the Laptop Center. 

If a student withdraws from the university after their first semester they retain ownership of the laptop and any repair or service privileges cease at the point.  Until that time, the computer is leased to the student and still owned by the University.  Students may not sell the unit until after that time period.  Students caught doing so may be fined up to the cost of the laptop.

General Procedures:
1. In all cases it is the responsibility of the student to maintain backups of all user data. The Laptop Center will not be responsible for any lost data due to any diagnostic procedure or re-imaging procedure.

2. University selected units including university selected software for all units is not optional. (MS Office)

3. Students may select an upgrade unit with the proviso that they pay an up charge necessary to offset the base amount provided by the university before receiving the unit.

4. Upgrade units cannot be mandated by academic departments. Students must have the option of selecting a university provided unit.

5. Upgrade units are owned by the student under the same circumstances as the standard issue computer.

6. Loaners are provided in cases where the unit needs to be kept for repair. Students with an upgrade unit needing a temporary loaner will receive a standard unit of the same platform as the upgrade unit if available. If a unit of the same platform is not available the student will have the option of accepting a unit of a different platform. Upgraded loaners will not be available.

7. The netbook/laptop is expected to last the duration of the time a student is enrolled at SNU. Any subsequent need for a new or upscale unit or software will be entirely at the students expense.

8. Students who withdrew from SNU in the past, and either returned their laptop or did a buyout, would qualify for a new laptop with the proviso that from this point forward they can only receive one new unit.

9. If a student departs the university before the designated date of ownership agreed to and signed by the student upon receiving the unit, and fails to return said unit, that student may be charged the cost of the laptop as well as finance charges, attorney fees, collection costs, and any other amount required for the retrieval of the unit. 

Repair Guidelines:
1. Students can bring their units to the Laptop Center for repair. Repair charges may apply.

2. The Laptop Center will maintain images, one for each of the laptops available for selection.

3. The restore images maintained by the Laptop Center will not contain any instructor selected and or student installed applications. The re-install of student owned applications is solely the responsibility of the student. 

4. Malfunctioning units brought to the Laptop Center for diagnostics will be evaluated for both hardware and software defects. 

5. Hardware defects will be fixed by the Laptop Center or possibly sent in for repair. If the laptop will be out of service for an inordinate amount of time a loaner will be issued.

6. The Laptop Center will spend a limited amount of time on software problems. If the problem cannot be resolved quickly the appropriate image will be re-installed returning the laptop to the condition in which it was issued.

7. The Laptop Center will enlist the assistance of student tech’s. It is the responsibility of any student who avails themselves of help from a student tech to ensure all data is backed up prior to the tech’s involvement.

8. Repair charges will generally be at cost or slightly above cost. A schedule of charges is available in the Laptop Center. 

Return Guidelines: 

1. When a student withdraws from the university after completing the designated semester, they retain ownership of the netbook/laptop and any repair privileges cease at the point. 

Check the laptop website often. It is the best way to solve problems pertaining to your laptop.

 Policies pertaining to the laptop program are subject to change.  It is the students responsibility to maintain current knowledge of these policies .

405.717.6230 | |Laptop Center, Herrick Auditorium 143 (West side of Herrick)

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