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SNU's School for Children - a Child Development Laboratory School - Grade Divisions

Morning Session 8:15-11:00 am* (Must be 3 by June 1st)
All-Day Session 8:15-3:15 pm*

*Sessions are five days per week.

The Pre-Kindergarten is a developmental program with an experience based curriculum for the three, four, and five year old child. Emphasis is placed on language, math, motor skill development, as well as science, social studies and the creative arts. Social development is given high priority and is stressed throughout every aspect of the daily routine. The morning session is open to children who are at least three by June 1st. The all-day session is open to children who are at least four by September 1st.

Reading and Language Arts

The Reading and Language Arts Program focuses on mastery of Phonemic Awareness Skills such as concept of spoken word, rhyme recognition, and manipulation of individual units of sound. These skills are integrated into daily activities.

Components of  reading and language arts

  • Shared reading experiences
  • Beginning writing opportunities
  • Topical poems and songs
  • Concept word wall
  • Small group experiences
  • Language experiences
  • Print awareness
  • Early letter knowledge
  • Early word recognition


Young children begin to develop mathematical understanding through experiences with a wide variety of real objects provided in learning  centers and practical situations (e.g., blocks, pegs, buttons,  cooking).

Components of math:

  • Recognizing and manipulating patterns
  • Sorting
  • Counting
  • Sequencing
  • Shape recognition
  • Measurement
  • Graphing

Social and Personal Skills

Social skills include interacting with others, work habits, and self-help skills. To develop these skills, children need daily opportunities to develop the ability to negotiate issues that occur, to take turns, to lead and follow, and to be a friend. They also need to learn how to deal with their feelings in a socially acceptable manner.

Large and Small Motor Skill Development

Young children need the opportunity to develop large and small motor skills through indoor and outdoor activities and games for the benefit of personal fitness and well being.

Science and Social Studies

Science and social studies experiences are provided through learning centers, resource people, and field trips.

  • Cooking experiences
  • Classifying, comparing, and contrasting objects
  • Magnets
  • Water table
  • Sink/float
  • Weather

Christian Values

  • Bible stories
  • Daily devotions
  • Prayer
  • Character development

Our Nazarene Heritage
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