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Professional Mentoring at SNU Career CenterThe SNU Alumni Mentor Program students an opportunity to form relationships with experienced SNU alumni and local business professionals. Learn how to be successful from industry leaders, while also discovering how to balance a career, faith, and relationships in the context of life after graduation. A mentor is a valuable resource to help you pursue and achieve your vocation.

Mentors are available to have career conversations; take the hassle out of networking and talk directly to someone who’s been there and done that. They can also help by critiquing your resume and/or cover letter. They can even help you practice for your big interview with mock interviews.

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Are you interested in giving back to the SNU community? Offer your time and talent to help the next generation of alumni get their start. Give back whenever and how often you want; on topics you know well. No obligations beyond responding to incoming requests. We won't share your contact info. Phone consultations happen through conference numbers and written messages are routed through the system.

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