SNU Educator Preparation Program and Professionalism, Ethics and Legal Aspects of the Teaching Profession

The SNU Educator Preparation Program places great emphasis and importance on the development and preparation of educators regarding professional, ethical and legal aspects of the teaching profession. In every Professional Education course in the SNU Educator Preparation Program, and particularly early introductory coursework prior to a candidate’s admission to the program, professionalism, ethics and legal aspects of each of the individual program/certification areas are emphasized. Additionally, in Student Teaching Seminars I and II, guest speakers present workshops and seminars prior to each of the candidate’s student teaching/clinical practice experiences.

The Oklahoma Standards of Performance and Conduct are reviewed prior to admission to the Educator Preparation Program and again in Student Teaching Seminar I. Various other Codes of Ethics, Standards of Professionalism and School Law references and resources (see links below) are also referenced and reviewed in selected courses (i.e. ED 2111 – Introduction to Education, ED 2162 – Foundations of Education, ED 4273 - Professional Decision Making) in the Educator Preparation Program.