SNU Students Engaged in Redemptive Justice

SNU Students Serving Others - Students Engaged in Redemptive Justice


Because . . .

  • SNU students are encouraged to Serve with Purpose.
  • SNU students are passionate about Christ and ready to engage in justice works that beckon all people to experience His saving and redeeming grace.

What is SERJ?

  • SNU students who are already engaged in redemptive justice.

  • An umbrella for all of our SNU redemptive justice efforts on campus and in our community.

  • An online presence that actively seeks to get students involved in the various causes and programs that are already in motion on campus and beyond.

  • A concerted effort to get students involved in local church efforts to bring redemptive justice to the world around us, locally and globally.

  • A motivator for expanding with new programming

  • A chance to supplement the SNU chapel experience with service oriented credits.

What are some specific ways SNU Students are Engaged in Redemptive Justice?

  • Theme Houses: These are residential areas on campus where students apply and are put together with like-minded others in support of a specific cause.

    The SPEAK theme house is comprised of 10-20 sophomore females who are involved in raising awareness on campus and in our community against human trafficking.

    The Water 4 theme house is comprised of 20 sophomore - senior males who are involved in raising awareness on campus and in our community of the need for clean water in poverty stricken countries.

  • Small Groups: Student and Staff led small groups on campus. Some are designed to raise awareness about certain justice issues, and others are various kinds of Bible studies or accountability groups.

  • The Resistance: This is several staff/student led small groups of men that deal with the problem of pornography and how it is related to multiple social issues. These groups meet on Wednesdays at 7 am in the commons and in Snowbarger dorms. Contact Blair Spindle - if you’re interested in joining.

  • Service Groups:These groups are formed similar to Small groups but with the focus of bringing the Kingdom to the world around us through service opportunities in the community.

  • SNU in Missions: SIMS offers global, cross-cultural, summer mission opportunities to SNU students. The purpose is the serve others, to share our faith, to expand our understanding of God and the Church, and to develop Christian leaders who are well-prepared for a lifetime of participating in God’s mission in God’s world. SIMS teams engage in a variety of ministries from children’s ministry to medical clinics, from sports camps to coffee-shop ministry, and a little of everything in between.

  • Multi-cultural Student Network: An organization led by students and staff created to raise diversity and cultural awareness. The goal is to encourage understanding, tolerance, and sensitivity of different cultures throughout the SNU community.

  • Food Recovery Network: National organization created to recover wasted food from school dining services and local restaurants.

  • Getting Involved Through A Local Church