Registration and advising are accomplished through the departmental offices:

MA in Educational Leadership (MAEL)

MA in Marriage & Family Therapy (MAMFT) / MS in Counseling Psychology (MSCP)

MBA / MBA-Health Care / MS, Management

MS, Nursing

MA in Theology

Pre-Registration can be done through your advisor before the end of a semester. Registration should be finalized in the Graduate Office (Royce Brown 200) during the first two days of classes.

Tulsa MBA / MS, Management
918.664.1949 ext. 227

Tulsa MAMF/MSCP Counseling
918.664.1949 ext. 231

Tulsa MS, Nursing
918.664.1949 ext.235

Please consult the Graduate Catalog for specific policy information.

Withdrawal from the University
If it appears necessary for a student to withdraw from school before the end of a semester, a Withdrawal Form must be completed. It is recommended that withdrawal be initiated through the Graduate Office. The withdrawal is not complete until the withdrawal form has been signed by all designated officials and financial arrangements have been made with the SNU Business Office. A student will not be officially withdrawn nor will any refund of tuition be given (as outlined in the Financial Information section), unless withdrawal is made in the prescribed manner.